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August 06 2017

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The problem with having low self esteem is that your perspective is so warped you could be really intelligent and you’d still think you were stupid. You could be so so beautiful and still look in the mirror and cringe. And it’s not even a consistent thing. Some days you wake up feeling really good about yourself and everything is okay but it’s such a fragile confidence that’s so easily shattered. And it sucks because you’re always left unsure and stuck between this need for self-positivity and the notion of ‘but I don’t want to lie to myself’.
— (via blossomfully)
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Anyone else go through that occasional phase where toast and butter is just the tastiest fucking creation on the planet and you have to restrain yourself from eating an entire loaf of bread in ten minutes

Yeah, I did it. Why not? Look, I do a lot of shit
— Lana Del Rey when asked if she did witchcraft against Donald Trump (via cryingtears-of-gold )
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Give him some time. No war. No pain. No regret. Just time to rest.

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m in a really good place. I’ve never been happier and content. Plus my friend just got a new kitty.

My life is complete

I am absolutely dumbfounded. I’ve been on Tumblr for about 6 years and i’ve been producing original content for the past two years straight and nothing on this website has surprised me more than here post. In case you’re new here 
( you probably are; my follower count almost doubled thanks to this post lol) I specialize in landscape photography with the occasional dispense of good vibes. 

I’ve taken pictures like this


Traveled to places like this


stayed up all night studying the milky way like this


Dabbled in mind bending creativity like this


Even visited different countries like Italy


But none of my posts have ever been as successful as this selfie with a cat


Conclusion; The internet is a weird place and every body definitely needs more kitties in their life. Feel free to check out my original photography and my INSTAGRAM and maybe shoot me a question if you want anything answered. 

Have an absolutely beautiful day everyone :)

Hey Guys,

Karl here. remember that one time I had a smol kitty on my shoulder? literally the cutest creature I ever experienced. Well her’s the thing. I’m currently exploring a round Australia. I’m here photographing some of the most magical landscapes I’ve ever seen. While I was exploring around the Grampians national park, I stumbled on this little friendly fella who approached me and started playing

That’s right….. He’s whispering cute nothings into my ear lol

Not sure if he’s a wallaby or a kangaroo could someone please let me know.

Also his name is jeff and he’s my bestfriend

For everyone still asking, Just want to let you guys know; Yes, I’m still in a really good place. I’ve never been happier and content. Especially when smol animels are your friends.
My life is even more complete

▪️ Karl-Shakur  ▪️ Instagram 

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You know that feeling when you get settled into your car, set your GPS to this new location, push play on your favorite song, and then your GPS interrupts it every 2 seconds to tell you how to get out of the neighborhood you’ve lived in for the last 15 years? That’s what mansplaining feels like. 

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Everything I love here

Clear your mind here

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♡(๑′ᴗ‵๑)♡ my edit~



one of the most toxic things i’ve ever done is ignore the bad in someone because i love them

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